This is a question we’ve heard a number of times. Scratching heads and pacing around, trying to figure out why there has been an anomaly. A drop in traffic?  

The first thing we always discuss to clients is do you have your Google Analytics code on all necessary pages? In most cases you might not be sure.

Not to fear, we are here. There are some simple ways to investigate whether your GA code is implemented on all the pages it should be. You may find that after some development work that your GA code got dropped off the page. Hey it happens. It’s more about capturing the issue as soon as you can a rectifying it.

There are a number of ways to perform this task through a number of pieces of software. Here we will discuss how to do this with a couple.

Screaming Frog

This SEO tool is like a Swiss army knife. It can perform a huge number of functions. For now we will discuss how to find your GA code on your website.

You can easily open Screaming Frog, navigate to custom search. Now add your Google Analytics tracking ID or GTM container ID into the contains/does not contain box in Custom Search. Then you are free to run your crawl and export all pages to CSV. You can now export this data to Excel to start to understand whether all the pages that should be tracking in GA actually are.

GA Checker

If you’re looking for free tool to quickly sense check your GA tagging, then this is a great step forward. You simply enter your website and you can now check your entire site for missing Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Google AdWords code with one click

We will be adding more tools to this blog series with more in depth processes of how to check whether your GA code is on every page. 

Have a question on your Google Analytics tracking then get in touch with us today!