Unless you have been sleeping under a rock then you will have heard there’s a new kid on the block. Google has made one of the biggest changes to its Analytics platform ever. Google Analytics 4 is here and will soon be the only version of Google Analytics that you can use from the 1st of July 2023.

What Will Happen To My Universal Analytics Data? 

Did you also know that from 1st July 2023, your Universal Analytics (UA) will stop collecting data? Then as of January 1st 2024, all of your UA data will be deleted and gone forever.

What Is Google Analytics 4

You might be wondering why Google is doing this. Well, Google has worked to build an Analytics tool that fits the modern world. They have worked on making Google Analytics 4 the tool that you can measure both website and app data in just one property. They’ve also increased and made the tool more compliant with GDPR and privacy laws. Although it is not fully GDPR compliant they have made strides towards better data security. 

So what’s next? If you haven’t set up and configured your GA4 property then we’d advise you to do this very soon with the deadline of 1st July 2023 fastly approaching. Also, Google is going to auto-migrate UA accounts to GA4. This sounds great but there are a lot of pitfalls. If you’re not in charge of your data and leave this to Google you’re taking control out of your hands. Events, conversions and much more are different from UA to GA4 so the setup could go horribly wrong and your data will be dead in the water. As we always say your decision-making process is as only as good as the intel you have access to.

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How we can help you – GA4 Services

KPI Workshop

We work with you and your team to highlight and identify what data matters to you, your business and digital marketing.

GA4 Property Set-Up 

We will make sure that your property is set up correctly for you and your business.

GA4 Auditing Is your property and tracking set up correctly? We will get you to the sweet spot.

Looker Studio Reporting Configuring and/or reconfiguring your reports for GA4

GA4 Training ½ day of online training, with supporting resources. We also offer bespoke training.


How much does Google Analytics cost? 

Google Analytics like most of Google’s software products is actually free. There is also Google Analytics 360 which is a paid-for solution and 150,000 a year (roughly £125,000). Google Analytics 360 is primarily for large enterprises.

When should you migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

We recommend that you do this immediately. Each day that passes you are missing out on collecting data from GA4 and making the cross-over from UA to GA4 harder each day that passes.

How long will it take to migrate to Google Analytics 4?

It depends on a number of factors. The size of the GA implementation, any bespoke setups and the website platform you’re working with. Contact us today to find out more

Why is Google sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA)?

We live in an ever-changing world. Google knows the world is becoming more privacy-focused and is working to fit in with that. This is why Google Analytics 4 was born. UA relied on third-party cookies. Whereas GA4 use first-party cookies and also works to fill in the gaps

There are a bunch of other benefits to switching to GA4. You’re able to link with BigQuery for free. You can also use enhanced funnel analysis and a much-improved data measurement model.

What training and support do you offer for Google Analytics?

Here at Purple Smudge, we can offer you Google Analytics training and support that works for you. We’ve seen the birth of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more in our time. We are always staying up to date with what coming around the corner too.

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