You might be wondering how to use GA4 without messing up your own data and analytics account. If you haven’t set up and used GA4 before, how can you access data and GA4 to explore GA4’s new features? 

Well, you are in luck as Google Analytics has created the GA4 demo account. This is an account that anyone can access and play around with the data, creating Explorations and editing reports. You can do all this in the safety that non of your data will be harmed in your investigation and exploration of GA4.

On 16th March 2022, Google announced that it will start sunsetting Universal Analytics from July 2023. That means everyone will need to be set up on and using GA4 by that date at the latest.

Universal Analytics Sunsetting

In 2022 on the 16th of March, Google announced to the world that it was retiring and sunsetting Universal Analytics as of July 2023. This means that your UA data will stop collecting as of July 2023.

What is a Google Analytics demo account?

The demo account is provided by Google and is linked to their merchandise store. The GA4 demo store works the same as a fully functioning analytics account that any user with a Google Account can access.

This is one of the best ways to learn GA4 and all its reporting power, even if you don’t have GA4 setup yourself on your own website. It’s great for testing and learning.

How To Access and Activate GA4 Demo Account

To access the GA4 Demo account follow these steps

If you’re wanting to use the Google Analytics Demo Account, you’ll first need a Google Account. Then follow these steps to access the Demo account.

Step 1. To access the GA4 demo account click the link

Step 2. Once you have clicked through, scroll down to Access the demo account

Step 3. Then select Google Analytics 4 property: Google Merchandise Store (web data)

 Step 4. Now you can hook up your Google Account with the GA4 Demo account and start playing and learning GA4.

4 Reasons to Use the Google Analytics Demo Account

Now that you have access to the GA4 demo account you can start to play around in the GA4 account without any fear of messing anything up. 


There is a ton of traffic that gets fed into this demo account from the Google Merchandise Store. This means there’s more than enough data to get you up and running with learning the new GA4 interface and layout.

Sharing Techniques 

You can use this account to help people understand how GA4 works and functions. You can use this to walk through clients or colleagues to show them how everything looks and works.

New Features 

Google is releasing new features in GA4 regularly. So much so you may notice changes to the look, feel and functionality regularly. The demo account allows you to test out new features before using them in your personal/company live account(s)

Testing dashboards and reporting

You can use the Demo Account to build and customise reports. You can also connect GA4 with Google Looker Studio formerly Google Data Studio. Then create Looker Studio reports and test them to your heart’s content.

How to connect the GA4 demo account with Looker Studio

Once you have got to grips with the GA4 Demo account you might want to start using Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) and report and present your data.

You can connect GA4 and Looker Studio by following these steps.

Step 1. Log into Looker Studio

Step 2. Click ‘Create’ and then select ‘Data Source’ to add Google Analytics as a data source.

Step 3. Now click Google Analytics 

Step 4: Then click on Demo account or search GA4 Google Merch Shop. Then click ‘Connect’ in the top right-hand corner. You are now ready to create a Looker Studio report with the GA4 Demo Account data.