We’ve all been there. It’s time to create some new content for your website. Yet you just don’t know where to start…

Here are some quick tips to get those creative juices flowing and set you on the right track to creating new content ideas. This is by no means an exhaustive article on every way to generate content ideas. We put this together for anyone looking to easily be able to change their mindset and help them get started with creating content for their website.


It’s always great to start an ideation list before starting to write. When you’re ready to write, you need to be in that headspace and not coming up with and creating ideas. This is where your content ideas list will come in handy. Over time you will come across ideas, so it’s great to have a repository for them. Creating a Trello board is a good start but at the very least just have a list of content and category ideas written down.

Remember to harness your creativity when it’s flowing!


Your customers are a wealth of knowledge for your company, products and what the customer wants :-). You may have already received feedback from customers that will help you direct your new piece of content. Is there a question they need answered, do they need help making a decision etc. They’re your customers, connect with them and understand what their pain points are.

Answer the public

This is a fantastic tool. There is a freemium version of the tool, which allows everyone to use it. Put simply, open up the site and then type in your keyword. Hit ‘Get Questions’ and off it goes to populate your results. This will return a number of results that can help you with creating new content for your website.


If you’re really stumped on what to create then it’s always good to check out your competitors. By no means are we saying steal or copy! This is more of an exercise to collate ideas for content creation. Read through their blog and start to understand themes and ideas that you can note down. Even looking at competitor FAQ’s can help give you a great steer here.

Google Analytics

Never forget the power of your own data. Check your Google Analytics account. See what underlying data is in there that can help you with creating content. For example do you have a site search box on your website? If this has been setup correctly you should be collecting people’s search box results. This may identify some new content ideas. Are people searching for something they can’t find, how can you help them with that. Are people searching for something that you don’t sell or cater for, how can you create some content here that will help them.

This can also be further broken down by audience and demographics in Google Analytics. This can enable you to really understand who your audience is you’re targeting.

Google Search Console

This is a great tool that everyone with a website should be using. Login and navigate to ‘Performance’. Here you can see the search terms that have been associated with your website. Not only that, you can see what clicks and impressions that keyword/phrase has generated.

What can we do with this information? This is a great place to get ideas for new content or even update older content that needs an injection of optimisation.


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