There is a huge amount of data and a wealth of insights locked away in Google Analytics. Still to this day many find it hard to present this data in an easy to consume, shareable format, which is beautiful too. Is this the Holy Grail? Well the time has come… drum roll please… Welcome to Google Data Studio.

What is it?

Google Data Studio has been available in the US in beta form for a while now. If you’ve been able to use it then you know the power that it holds. Quite simply, turn your data into something informative and beautiful (something we all long for, or maybe that’s just me). Currently you can create up to 5 customer reports with unlimited editing and sharing.

Here’s the sweet spot, it’s coming to the UK. When you say? The time is now. It is however in beta.

What can you use it for?

I’m always striving to find new and streamlined ways to pull data and insights together in a presentable format. You maybe creating custom reports already in Google Analytics, or downloading a CSV and dragging it into Excel.

Not everyone’s an Excel guru or a Google Analytics API whiz. This is perfect for you! No more endless hours creating Google Analytics API and Google Sheets dashboards and pulling your hair out when you missed something ;-). Reporting and data insights, can, for some, be a thankless and time-consuming task. Which it shouldn’t be, if only we could spend less time creating reports and dashboards and more time looking at the data and insights.

Ultimately it let’s you organise, consume, share and use your Google Analytics Data (and more) to drive insights and create far greater business value. Here’s a screenshot from Google Data Studio of an example Adwords report… Pretty isn’t it…


Real world problems

So how would we use this in the real world? Well working with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. You can now connect up your accounts to Google Data Studio and create different reports for different teams and senior management teams with ease. What different types of software and costs have you been incurring when creating reports? Data Studio could make your life a little easier and cheaper.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s Google’s official video of what’s installed if you haven’t used it.

As the image below show’s you can connect a wealth of data sources. Exciting times, right 😉


What are your thoughts?

Is this something you’ll be using? Have you used it already? I’d love to get your feedback… Drop me an email or tweet me @tristamjarman Knowledge through sharing!