Ready to build a business?

Business / Kerry Oliver

Foreword: Purple Smudge is a digital marketing agency that’s almost 4 years old. Purple Smudge is also a start-up business that Tristam and I built from nothing, born from a conversation over a cup of coffee. It’s our labour of love, its not just a business, it’s a new way of life. The lessons we have learnt along the way have been the sole reason we have been able to build a business and make it a success.

Google Data Studio (beta) – It’s here… what is it? Could it be magic?

Google Data Studio / Tristam Jarman

There is a huge amount of data and a wealth of insights locked away in Google Analytics. Still to this day many find it hard to present this data in an easy to consume, shareable format, which is beautiful too. Is this the Holy Grail? Well the time has come… drum roll please… Welcome to Google Data Studio.